SunAge: Battle for Elysium is the remastered version of a new-breed classic-feel RTS featuring 3 races, a compelling story split into 3 campaigns, full competitive multiplayer (LAN & Online) and excellent map design.

We worked hard to improve the unique experience over the last couple of years and are proud to finally release it for Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X.

Unique RTS experience

SunAge offers unique features like transmitter-driven expansion, alternate combat modes for all units to increase tactical options and a revolutionary control scheme empowering the player to quickly organize squads, formations, attack order and more, while maintaining fast-based combat.

All of this combined with classic elements like solid base building, a four-tier resource system, an overviewable battlefield and massive colorful battles makes it an experience standing very much on its own.

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Singleplayer Campaign

With Earth teetering on the brink of extinction, human Federals and mutant-gene Raak-Zun are battling for control of its dwindling resources. Then, into this savage conflict step the mysterious Sentinel, exploiting superior technology that opens gateways to an alien and resource-rich planet.

Starting out as Ethan, a federal commander, a story told in 25 campaign maps awaits you.

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Multiplayer & Skirmish

Up for a match ? Challenge friends all over the world or compete against the computer. SunAge features 10 maps uniquely designed for full LAN & Internet Action to prove your worth against real opponents.

» ... I like it when a game tries something different, and I like it even more when it gets it right. SunAge´s singleplayer is challenging, in a way I haven´t been challenged by an RTS since I first played StarCraft ... «

» ... you will find a very fun game that holds strategic thinking in the highest regard and offers a large amount of flexibility in its base building and unit usage... «

» ... What I like the most about SunAge is the approach to unit combat it uses. I've started to hate the trend a lot of RTS titles have […] I prefer games that are a bit slower paced and more tactical. SunAge addresses this by a squad-based control system ... «

HonestGamers - 90 %

Gaming Shogun - 80 %

Game Shark - 75 %

» ... The single player mode of SunAge is very fun to play. [...] SunAge ends up being a very good RTS and takes the genre back to where it belongs ... «

» ... I was blown away. 2D or not, the game looks gorgeous; from Earths barren deserts to its Dome Cities to the jungles of Elysium, what Vertex 4 has done with 2D is beautiful ... «

» ... SunAge is a smooth, seductive homage to the past glory of the genre and, at the same time, a stunning game not just relative to the size of the creator studio and its post-production support, but a stunning game where it counts – with enjoyable gameplay and sumptuous graphics ... «

Gaming Console Network - 85 %

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Disk Space: 1 GB
RAM: 512 MB
Video RAM: 256 MB
Other: Mouse, Keyboard and Speakers
Multiplayer: Internet and LAN play supported.

System Requirements for Windows

OS: Windows® 7 / 8
CPU: 1,2 GHz Intel® Pentium® III or better
DirectX®: 11.0 compatible

System Requirements for Mac
OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.0 or higher
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz or equivalent

SunAge: Battle for Elysium has been rated PEGI-12, and supports the following languages:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Polish and Russian.

Copyright (c) 1997 - 2014, vertex4 entertainment ltd. All rights reserved.